in the Department of Physics, KAIST

Our OQT research is at the interface of atomic qubits and coherent imaging for quantum information processing. Our research aims high to push the frontiers of today's computing, sensing, and imaging. Our research is funded by KAIST, NRF, IITP, and POSCO

We are in the Department of Physics and located at Room 109 in E6-6 (Basic Science Building). Please come and visit us! 

If interested in joining this mission, please contact directly to Prof. Donggyu Kim.

[May 2023] KAIST OQT
Lab Group Social 

[May 2023] Teacher's Day

All the members in the KAIST OQT Lab are outstanding teachers especially in our group.

Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms - QuEra's 256 qubit machine publicly accessible via AWS Bracket Service (Table from the Quantum Leap)

[Dec 2022] Prof. Donggyu Kim has been selected as a POSCO Science Fellow in Physics 2023

(2023 신진교수  포스코 사이언스펠로)
The awarded research is for neutral-atom quantum computing.

See: about the POSCO Science Fellow

QuEra QPU Cores (Image from AWS Quantum Computing Blog)

[Nov 2022] QPU from QuEra Computing is now public on Amazon Braket Service

It finally comes out to the public! Huge congrats to the QuEra team! 

See: Amazon Braket launches Aquila, the first neutral-atom quantum processor from QuEra Computing

[Mar 2022]  

KAIST OQT Lab is launching

QuEra Computing at APS TV (Image from the linked video) 

[Mar 2022]  

QuEra Computing is at APS!

OQT 2022 Orientation (2022.01.18)

[Jan 2022]  Seuk, Minhyeok, Sanghyo are joining the KAIST OQT Lab

QuEra QPU Cores (Image from AWS Quantum Computing Blog)

[Dec 2021] QPU from QuEra Computing is going to be available in Amazon Braket in 2022

QuEra Qubit Array (Image from MIT Technology Review)

[Nov 2021] QuEra Computing has come out of its stealth mode: record-breaking 256 qubit quantum computer!